As education industry witnessing massive growth social rewards is what a balanced investor can expect year after year from brand Target. Education Industry is one of the most eminent emerging sectors of service Industry. A sector which not only is growing with the pace of increasing population but also on Indian fixation for education, poor educational infrastructure and ambitious parents which have given rise to this booming and a recession-proof coaching industry in the country.

Experts from different organized sectors are getting in this industry, to tap into an industry which annuals a turnover of more than 20,000 Crore and Target IIT JEE – PMT Pvt. Ltd. is among the few national organizations that has re-defined the education in an organized manner.

The good news is that growth in this industry is coming from all cities, especially from Tier-II and Tier-III cities and parents are prepared to pay whatever is necessary for education needs as they realize that it is the right investment in their children's future.

Today, the Target brand has become synonymous with quality education. We are determined to improvise on our coaching capabilities and give the best possible standards of quality and creative guidance to Medical and Engineering aspirants who starts their career through Foundation (Class VIII/IX/X) across India & abroad with the help of our partners.


Target IIT JEE - PMT Pvt. Ltd’s Strengths in Coaching Industry are unmatched to others

  1. 10 years of legacy and producing top rankers
  2. Consistently bagging Top rank for year after year in Foundations like NTSE/JSTSE/Olympiads, in Engineering like IIT/NIT/BITS Pilani, in Medical AIIMS/AIPMT/NEET.
  3. Best in class faculty with highly conducive environment for learning.
  4. Best in class course material to focus on the basic and competitive needs of students.
  5. A disciplined environment that follow the set standards to give the best performance.
  6. Integrated Teaching Methodologies’ have been in place to prepare the students for School/Board as well as Competitive Exams.
  7. Strong alumni network of doctors and engineers
  8. Strategic alliances with prominent schools and educational societies.
Brand Value of Target

Target being a leading and trusted brand in the education industry will help and support you to make your moves in the evolving Education Industry and achieve what you want. With Target comes its brand value along with the well tested business model and whole lot of additional advantages like:

  1. Association with the leading brand name in the coaching industry
  2. Top of mind recall
  3. Strong word of mouth in the market
  4. A nationwide network spread
  5. Highest no of qualified students by any coaching institute
  6. Centre management and faculty training guidelines
  7. Latest, relevant and updated study material and curriculum
  8. Courseware & promotional material
  9. National level advertisement support
  10. Regular site visits by representatives of Target IIT JEE - PMT Pvt. Ltd. for ongoing marketing, technical and academic support.
Recent Network

Target IIT JEE - PMT Pvt. Ltd. has grown from a single Centre in Kota and currently operates 20+ centers network across India. The growing network is a proof of the recognition of Institute’s brand and its presence in the coaching arena.

Join us as our partner to success if you have

  1. Relevant skills and attitude to grow
  2. Ideas that can change the face of the Industry
  3. Experience and knowledge in the Education Industry
  4. What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
  5. Have fire to excel
  6. Have right skills and attitude
  7. Have prior business experience and knowledge is of definite advantage
  8. Have dynamic & ambitious entrepreneurs with passion for education
  9. Have time to be involved totally in business operations

IN TARGET you will find:

  1. Someone, who believes in your vision
  2. Someone, who would provide you with solutions when you are struck
  3. Someone, who will encourage you to conquer the world.
  4. Someone, who will help you see horizons of the glory
  5. Someone, who will help you realize your personal goals
  6. Someone, who will take your dreams and transform them into reality
  7. Someone, who will become safeguard of your business
Reason to be part of TARGET Franchise

Huge Growing Market and More Profit:

  • Recession Free Market
  • Not Impacted by business cycles
  • Return from the First Year Itself
  • Over 10 to 12 Lakh students appear in JEE Mains & JEE Advanced Entrance examination every year
  • Over 12 to 15 Lakh students appear in NEET/AIIMS & other Medical Entrance Examination every year
  • Over 50 Lakh students appear in Junior level competition examination
  • High Level of Satisfaction in contributing social building which makes our nation respectful in the World society

Franchisee Profile:

  • Dynamic and ambitious entrepreneurs with passion for education
  • Relevant skills and Prior business experience to grow
  • Time devotion is of definite advantage
  • New ideas to accelerate the business cycle

Start-up Requirements:

  • Space: 1500 – 2500 sq. ft. area in prime location (Well equipped Reception for counseling, faculty seating area, admin staff seating and 2-3 classrooms)
  • TARGET Support:

    • in selection of best site in your location
    • in comprehensive centre setup
    • in recruitment of Marketing staff and faculties
    • in training for franchisee at our Registered office
    • in your area advertising
    • Teaching Methodology
    • Vast accumulation of products and services through classroom, online and distance coaching centered as per the need of the students
    • Powerful Brand
    • A meticulously designed academic & financial compliance, auditing system to enable centers run effectively
    • A network of like-minded individuals and successful entrepreneurs to learn and get inspired from
    • Complete guidelines for centre launch strategies followed by buildup and ongoing marketing strategy
    • Quality coaching experience to fulfill demand supply gap
    • An honest, dedicated and transparent partner, which forms the soul of our relationship with any business partner

    Bright Future:

    Today TARGET is an organization, which is best at imparting coaching to Medical / Engineering aspirants and to junior class students through Foundations across India. The brand is known as a synonymous to quality education across the world. As a Vision and Mission driven organization, we are all set to achieve our big dreams and vision of individuals along with our partners. Each one of us at Target dreams of making it an institution worth emulating and associating with, an institution that would make a significant contribution to the society at large. Target IIT JEE – PMT Pvt. Ltd. has triggered a movement in the field of education, and is going to be a guide and mentor in helping students realize their dreams for generations to come.

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