Q. Why Target IIT-JEE/PMT/FOUNDATION Class Over Other Institutes?

Premium "CARES" Methodology
  1. Academic Planner: Our Academic Planner provides students year- long planning for the complete syllabus. A Planner designed specially by our expert team of faculty members, for our students to provide date wise description of the various chapters along with the number of lectures that will be covered during the entire course of their studies at TARGET. It provides a direction to student's efforts through proper guidance. The added advantage of the planner is that the student will come to know when to start preparing for the qualifying examinations (Boards).
  2. Best Faculty Team: Our Best Faculty Team enables students to cop-up the entire syllabus via academic planner.
  3. Scientific Teaching Methodology: Our scientific teaching methodology care students ultimately with performance check. Target commit Student teacher ratio of 15:1.
  4. Customised Study Material: Our Study Material is designed in such as pattern that the understanding level of the students at each level gets enhanced. It makes learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable at every stage for the students.
  5. Small Batch Size: Our Small Batch Size allows students to interact with faculty mostly in class room. The doubt clearing session makes our students confident.
  6. Doubt Clearing Session: We provide Individual attention to all the students separately in our booklet discussion and doubt solving sessions.
  7. Library: All TARGET centres are equipped with a variety of books and references which students can get issued at regular intervals.
  8. Monthly Parents Teacher Meeting: Teachers/Educators are the major pillar in the teaching and learning process. Without doubt, the most important person in the practice curriculum is the teacher. With their knowledge, experience and competencies teachers are central to any curriculum improvement effort, they are responsible for introducing the curriculum in the classroom and outside the classroom as well. Our Parents Teacher Meeting establish better cooperation between teachers and parents, to discuss issues, enrichment or intervention strategies to support students' learning. Parents can also provide information concerning students out-of-School and Coaching life
  9. Special Care on Board Examination: Dedicated board faculties working in various boards as senior moderators.
  10. Topic – wise Regular Test: Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly tests (PAN India) with Student Performance Analysis.
  11. Online Test Series: Get Virtual All India Rank by appearing in Online Test Series with testing pattern similar to JEE, BITSAT, VITEEE, AIPMT, AIIMS etc.
  12. Mentoring System of same Age & Group Students : Our Mentoring System of same Age & Group Students for the children by using innovative methods of teaching and synchronized approach of learning enhance the level of each category like Excellent, Good and, even Average students in our Class Room Program.
  13. Rank Improvement Testing Platform: Rank Improvement Testing Platform are designed in order to reinforce desirable performance and self-confident in securing Top Rank in India.
  14. Concept of Smart Analytical & Examination: Our Concept of Smart Analytical & Examination helps the students to improve the score level day by day authentically.
  15. Time Management Test Methodology: Our Time Management Test Methodology enables students to attempt question within limited prescribed time.
  16. Interest Development and Concept Development: Our Interest Development and Concept Development method plays an important role to accelerate the score of students in each subject individually.
  17. Stress Management and Motivational Class: Lack of conceptual clarity, undue stress of the school exams. Lack of focus and loss of self-confidence are some of the factors that result in undesirable performance of the students. So, Our Stress Management and Motivational Class are designed in order to reinforce the core concepts of our students and instill confidence in them to crack the highly competitive exams like JEE & PMT.
  18. Monthly Individual Counselling System: Counseling is a very important ingredient in shaping students' behavior and performance. These include; psychological, family issues and above all indiscipline cases; which, if not handled can lead students to making wrong and uninformed decisions. Our Monthly Individual Counseling System recommends the administration to solve issues before time.
  19. Student Analysis Portal: Up to 30 Macro and Micro level analysis of student's performance: Subject wise, Topic wise, Question wise, Negative marks, Comparison with toppers and others.
  20. Student Monitoring: Biometric Attendance, CCTV Classroom Surveillance, SMS Alerts, Emails, Notifications. Call Back facility in case student is abscond without prior notice to the institute.
  21. Get Kota Faculty Advantages: There are recording classes of top faculties of Kota. Get Kota Faculty advantages like variety of examples, concept, application etc. in Delhi and other states like West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Karnataka, Andhara Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc.