Target Faculty

With Support of Target Faculty, Make Your IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER Dream a Reality!!!!!!!! 

The faculty team of Target is an unmatched intellectual pool of mentors for IIT-JEE Main and Advance, and NEE/AIIMS/JIPMER who have outstanding combination of proven record, experience and qualification. The unidirectional efforts by members of faculty team create an environment for holistic development of students in Target through intellectually stimulating and result oriented education. The teaching approach by Target faculty team takes its inputs from the belief that the role of a teacher is not simply to bestow knowledge but it is to help the student seek more learning. A perfect blend of subject knowledge, experience and the art to teach the most complex topic in a very lucid way makes the faculty of Target, the best team under one roof. The regular rise in results and the culture of continuous academic research and development are reflectors of the desire of Target academic team to excel not only for themselves but also for those who trust them. The statistics shown here are as per the date mentioned below.
Teaching Methodology: Every student strains his/her nerve but doesn’t outperform or make it to top. So what makes them outperformers is the focused result-oriented teaching methodology. The hard work students usually do, multiply several times when they seek guidance from Target. Even average students, on joining Target, have come out toppers. The history of excellent performance has been scripted consequent to the concerted teaching methodology being employed over here. The time-tested teaching methodology involves topic-wise strategic guidance and the scrupulously designed study material that enriches the students to make it to top. The central idea behind the teaching is to make the fundamentals of the students crystal clear so that they could be able to think beyond stereotype model. An integrated teaching strategy is employed to prepare the students for competitive as well as board exams in one-go.
Target believes the selection process of faculties should be done as per below requirements.

  1. Minimum Qualification        : 

M.Sc./B. Tech form IIT or NIT/Ph.D./Dr.

  1. Minimum Experience           :       

7 Years

  1. Type of Faculty                    :     

Full time

  1. Faculty to Students Ratio    :


  1. Class to Students Ratio       :    


  1. Service Duration of Faculty :        

24*7*365 hours



We believe in result which itself includes the best delivery of our faculties hard work and concentration towards quality education.