1st and 2nd


Electric Charges & Fields. Coulomb’s law, Basic properties of charges, Electric field.

Mole concept, stoichiometry

Reproduction in Organisms

Human Reproduction

Relations & Elementary functions, (domain, range of functions even and odd functions, periodic functions,

3rd and 4th

Electric Field and Potential-Electric field due to continuous charge distribution, Gauss's law & its application, Potential due to point charge.

Oxidation No. Redox process. Balancing of redox reactions

Microsporogenesis, Megasporogenesis, Types of Ovules

Human Reproduction

one-one, many-one, into, onto functions.  Bijective functions, Algebra of functions, composition of functions, transformation of graph.

5th and 6th

Electric Dipole & Capacitors- Electric field and potential due to dipole, dipole in an uniform & non-uniform electric field, electric potential energy, basics of capacitors.

Solid State  :
Type of lattice and unit cell, packing fraction, type of voids & radius ratio

Pollination and Fertilization

Human Reproduction

Inverse Trigonometric functions

7th and 8th

Electric Capacitors and Grouping of Capacitors. Series and parallel combinations, Van De Graff generator.

Type of crystal and close packing, electrical and magnetic property & type of defect

Endosperm, Embryogeny and Apomixes

Human Reproduction

Matrices  :
All types of matrices and inverse of matrices.

9th and 10th

Current Electricity. Electric current in conductors, Ohm's law & Kirchhoff’s law.

Liquid solution :
Concentration unit, colligative property,



Reproductive Health

Determinants :
Properties and system of equations

11th & 12th

Current Electricity. Grouping of resistors & cells, wheat stone bridge, meter bridge & potentio-meter

Abnormal conlligative, vant Hoff  factor, azeotropic mixture

Mendalism and Gene Interaction


   Limits :
Standard limits & Problems

13th and 14th

RC-Circuits & Moving Charges. RC-Circuits across DC-Source, post office box, Magnetic force on moving charges in magnetic field.


Electro chemistry
Concentration cell application measurement corrosion

Gene Interaction and Linkage

(Human Evolution)

Continuity & Differentiability :
     Continuity at a point and continuity     in an interval, derivatives and problems.

15th & 16th

Moving Charges & Magnetism. Biot savart's law, force on current carrying cunductor, torque on a loop place in magnetic field.

Electrical conductance

Crossing over and Mutation

Human Health and Diseases

Application of Derivatives:
Geometrical application of derivatives,( tangents & normal)

17th & 18th

Ampere’s law and It's application, Magnetism and matter. Ampere’s law, Bar magnet, Magnetic properties of matter.

Electrolytic cell

Sex Linked Inheritance and Cytoplasm Inheritance

Human Health and Diseases

Monotonocity of functions,  local maxima & local minima, Global maxima & Global minima mean value theorem

19th & 20th

Magnetism and matter, Electro magnetic induction. Faraday’s law of EMI & Lenz law, motional EMF.

Chemical Kinetics :
Rate of reaction and order of reaction, calculation of order of reaction

Genetic Disorders and Pedigree Analysis

Strategies for Enhancement of food Production

Indefinite integration:
Methods of substitutions, integration by parts & partial fractions

21st & 22nd

Electro Magnetic Induction. Self and mutual induction, Energy stored in inductor, LR-Circuits with DC source.

constant and Arrhenius equation

Nature of Gene

Strategies for Enhancement of food Production

Special integration

23rd & 24th

Electro Magnetic Induction. Time varying magnetic field & LC oscillations, Applications of Faraday’s law and Lenz law, choke coil DC motors dynamo.

Surface Chemistry :
Concepts of adsorption and type of colloids, preparation & property and colloids.

DNA Replication and RNAs

Biotechnology: Principles and Processes  

Definite Integration :
Properties and applications
Areas :
Area under the curve, area bounded between two curves

25th & 26th

Alternating current. L-R, L-C, & LCR circuits, transformers (step-up and step-down).

Ores & Metallurgy

Transcription, Genetic Code, Translation

Biotechnology: Principles and Processes  

Differential Equation :
Order and degree, types of differential equation and their solutions, applications of differential equation

27th & 28th

Ray Optics & optical Instrument. Ray optics & Optical instruments reflection form plane surface & spherical surface.

Preparation and properties of Inorganic compounds

Regulation of Gene Expression, DNA fingerprinting, Human Genome Project

Biotechnology and its Application  

Vectors :
Addition, subtraction, linear dependency and linear independency, product of vectors (scalar product, cross product, scalar triple product and vector triple product)

29th & 30th

Ray Optics & optical Instrument. Refraction through plane surface & through lenses, combination of lenses & mirrors.

Inorganic qualitative analysis

Biotechnology (Principle and Process)

Biotechnology and its Application  

Geometrical applications of vectors
Three dimensional Geometry
Introduction to 3D

31st & 32nd

Electro Magnetic Wave. Electromagnetic waves, Displacement current & Electromagnetic spectrum.
Wave optics . Huygens principle, young's double slit experiment

p-block (group 15, 16)

Biotechnology and its Application

Revision and doubt classes  

Cartesian form of planes and properties, straight line in  3D, locus problems